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Cages of Peril
Big Brother Competitions
Description Choose a cage and hope it isn't the most full cage.
Appearance(s) Big Brother 1: Music of the Night
Big Brother 4: All-Stars
Big Brother 1 (Short Term) - Present

Cages of Peril is a recurring power of veto competition.


HouseGuests will become invisible. They must then anonymously choose one of three cages to stand in, freezing after 15 seconds. The cage with the most players is eliminated from the competition (but available in future rounds to stand within). If there is a tie, the tie is broken randomly with a forcefield.


The competition first appeared in Big Brother 1 (Short Term) as a power of veto competition. Tink092 ultimately won the competition.

The competition returned for Big Brother 1: Music of the Night. It lasted for only one round, with five of the six power of veto competitions piling into the center cage. As a result, the sixth player in the competition, KhiaShamone, was crowned the winner.

The competition reappeared in Big Brother 4: All-Stars for the first time since season 1. It ultimately came down to Freddyfazbear8526 and ShanteYouStay, with Shante winning the competition.

Due to the generally positive reception of the competition, it returned yet again in Big Brother 5: Rewrite the Stars as an old classic. Youtube_proz ended up winning the competition.

List of Cages of Peril Competitions

Season Week Competition Variant Name Variant Winner
1 (ST) 2 Power of Veto "Cages of Peril"
1 4
4 1 (Round 2)
5 4