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Kai 4653
E2S1 Kai.jpg
Jury Member

Season Survivor: Samoa
Place 8
Votes Against 6
Loyalties Nagazu
Idols 0
Individual Challenge Wins 0
Tribe Challenge Wins 4

Kai was a castaway on Survivor: Samoa.


Kai was initially on the Tautu tribe, where they made connections with Misty, Ashley, and Michael. Kai, Misty, and Monk stayed on the tribe for the swap, not having lost a single member, and they were joined by the trio Eagle, Nagazu, and Ping. Due to issues on Esera, Eagle and Nagazu chose to make a new trio with Kai based on a short interaction between Kai and Nagazu during the third challenge. The three set their sights on Monk as the weakest link of the tribe. This worked out for them, as they won the final pre-merge immunity and reached the merge. Kai initially stuck with their trio, which allowed them to survive the first 2 votes as Esera began Pagonging the original Tautu tribe. Soon, however, they would run out of targets, and Ping successfully set the target on them, convincing most of Esera, Ashley, and Michael to target Kai. Eagle and Nagazu were the only two not to vote against them. Kai ultimately voted for Eagle to win.

Host Opinion

Player History - Survivor: Samoa

Voting History

Episode Position Voted for Votes Received With Majority?
1 Immunity
2 Immunity
3 Immunity
4 Monk Yes
5 Immunity
6 Keitaro Yes
7 Misty Misty Yes
8 Amanda Amanda
Finale Juror Eagle N/A Yes
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