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Big Brother Competitions
Description Stay on disappearing platforms longer than your fellow HouseGuests.
Appearance(s) Big Brother 1: Music of the Night
Big Brother 4: All-Stars
Big Brother 2 (Short Term) - Present

Spleef is a recurring Head of Household competition.


HouseGuests must run around on platforms which disappear when they touch them. If a HouseGuest falls through a resulting hole, they are eliminated from the competition. After a certain period of time, the HouseGuests are provided with swords to hasten the competition.


The competition first appeared on Big Brother 2 (Short Term) as the first Head of Household competition. After a lengthy competition coming down to Letmeoutnow16 and Mathmagician201, Letmeoutnow16 ultimately won the competition and became the first Head of Household for the season.

The competition is one of few confirmed competitions to return for Big Brother 3 (Short Term). KelleyWentworth84 was the winner.

The competition appeared for the first part of the final HOH competition in Big Brother 4 (Short Term). KhiaShamone won the competition, and she later went on to win the final Head of Household competition.

The competition's fourth appearance occurred on [[Big Brother 1: Music of the Night], making it the most commonly used competition across all five seasons recorded thus far. Faith2390 and Ryandapicle, with Ryan falling and crowning Faith the winner just before swords were to be introduced to the competition.

The competition made its return in Big Brother 4: All-Stars, with Freddyfazbear8526 and ShanteYouStay being the last two. After a while, both were given swords, and Freddy successfully defeated Neda and won the competition.

List of Spleef Competitions

Season Week Competition Variant Name Variant Winner
2 (ST) 1 Head of Household "Spleef"
3 (ST)
4 (ST) 4
1 3 "Survive the Spleef"
4 3 Direct Flight "Spleef"